Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Work on Vanished Continues

Vanished, my horror-western novella, is coming along. Just crossed the 20K word mark. I'm anticipating it will end up around 25K. This is one of those stories where I can't seem to get the words down fast enough. It pours out. Some stories are like that. Others are like squeezing the proverbial crimson fluid from stone, or at least they progress a little slower.

Jenn, my lovely wife of almost 25 years (anniversary is next week) got me a 72-pc set of Copic markers, which was an amazing surprise. Looking forward to doing a lot more drawing/sketching. We're also revamping our art/craft room in our basement with the intent of us both working down there. Looking forward to that, as well.

It's damned cold and dark in Buffalo. Fifteen degrees for a high today. We got around 8-10 inches of snow where I live (about 20 miles south of the city). As a lifelong Buffalonian, I should be used to this, but that first snowfall is always a little tough to take.  Every year, that snow gets a little heavier on the shovel.

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