Thursday, March 16, 2006

Upcoming books

Should have some good news to post very soon regarding the next few books. I will be updating the blog more frequently, and my next goal (along with working on the next novel) is to write a series of articles for the website on how I write books. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony! My name is Kevin Hajda, and I'm a student at Granger high school in Granger, TX, and I have chosen to read your book for an English project. My teacher has requested a 1 page biography on the author of our book, and the only thing I could find was the one you have supplied. I'm not saying that your supplied biography is bad, but it is just the only information I could find on you, and I need more information to complete the biography. So I am asking you if you could supply me with more information. Thank you a lot, Kevin Hajda

Anthony Izzo said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for choosing Cruel Winter for your project. Here is some more bio information:

I was born in March, 1973 in Buffalo, New York. I've lived in the area all my life. I graduated from Cardinal O'Hara high school in 1991. It was during my junior year in high school that I took an interest in writing. I wrote my first horror story (it was about something crawling out of the ground and killing people, if I remember) in English class, and my teacher was encouraging. She told me to continue writing. I wrote the first fifty pages of an alien invasion novel in a spiral bound notebook and the scrapped it. I started at D'Youville College in 1991, and published a few pieces in campus magazines. I started seriously writing my senior year, when I began a novel for my senior project (this info is on the bio site of the web page). During college, I worked as a stock clerk. I also met my future wife during this time. After graduation, I worked for a demolition company in the operations department. Lunch breaks provided a good time to write, and I began working on another novel. The sale of Cruel Winter came in Sept. of 2004. I have a deal with Kensington Books to write two more novels, and am currently working on the second book of that deal. I currently hold a full time job in the health insurance industry and write afternoons and weekends. Hope this is helpful with your project. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anthony,

Thank you for the wonderful information. I will be glad to complete my biography. I have also finished Cruel Winter since I last wrote you. I absolutly loved it. I cannot wait until your next book. I will be sure to buy it as soon as it is released. Thanks again.

Kevin Hajda

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