Thursday, November 02, 2017

Being Ready to Get More Written

I set my alarm a half hour earlier today in order to get some writing done. I find the first few minutes are often wasted figuring out where I left off or deciding which scene I want to write (I sometimes write out of sequence).

I think I'd benefit from being ready to go as soon as my ass hits the chair if I were more prepared. I'm going  to have the following ready tomorrow morning:

  • My last scene bookmarked in Word.
  • Some rough notes for myself as to where I'm headed.
  • A copy of my story notes. I use a very loose set of notes/story points when I write.
  • I also might start setting a timer again. I find I get more written when the clock is ticking.

We leave our desktop on, so I don't waste time booting up.  I'm hoping to maximize my writing time. If you have any other tips, let me know. Trying to squeeze everything I can out of each writing session.

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