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Keep the Police From Spoiling Your Plot

"Why didn't they just call the police?"
This question can sink your story. If you have characters in trouble and those story people could solve the problem with a quick call to the cops, you have a problem. 
Most of us, if put in mortal danger, will dial 9-1-1. Say you see a shady man in a hoodie and a mask coming up your front walkway. You'll probably lock the doors. Maybe grab a weapon. Certainly, you'll call the police. 
Characters are no different. The most logical step for an average character would be to call for help when danger comes knocking. We like our characters to struggle, fight, narrowly escape danger. If the police show up in your story and haul off the bad guys, where's the excitement in that?
Here are a few ways to force your characters to fend for themselves:
1. Isolate the characters. Set your story somewhere remote, such as the mountains or wilderness.
2. Delay the police. There could be a bad storm that washed out roads, or a massive bl…