Saturday, August 17, 2013

Writing Updates

I spent most of the week's writing time working on freelance articles, but did manage to get some work done on the Dead Land Trilogy, the third zombie book in a series. It stands at about 25,000 words, roughly halfway done. I'm anticipating an October release if all goes well.

My latest thriller is also available. Beat the Devil is available for Kobo and Nook.

It's about an ex-Navy SEAL who gets recruited by a government agency to take out a serial killer.

Only $2.99.

Buy from Amazon

By from Kobo 

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Beat The Devil Now Available

My latest thriller, Beat The Devil, is now available for Kindle and Kobo.

Notorious serial murderer Raven has escaped during his prison transfer. A merciless killer, Raven had struck terror into the hearts of the populace for years before being locked up.

Now he's free again.

A newly-created government agency doesn't want Raven arrested. They want him dead. The Agency kidnaps ex-Navy SEAL John Childress' family and makes him a proposition: kill Raven and he gets his family back.

With the help of an ex-cop who put Raven away and one of the Agency's assassins, Childress must find his quarry before time runs out.

Beat the Devil. The hunt is on.

$2.99 for Kindle and Kobo. Nook version to follow soon.



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