Friday, January 19, 2007

Out the Door

Copyedited manuscript for Evil Harvest patched, spot welded, and shipped out the door. Much rejoicing will now take place.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Almost There

I just have a few more corrections to make on the Evil Harvest manuscript. The main thing is clearing up little inconsistencies. A description you write on page 200 is liable to change by page 400. It's amazing the things you overlook in the heat of writing, and even in an edit. I suppose it's never possible to distance yourself 100% from the work. That's where editors and copyeditors come in. For the most part, I think they help make an author's work stronger.

For aspiring writers (turn back, you fools!), I recommend making maps, time lines, even a rough calendar of events in your story. This is especially helpful when dealing with multiple characters and plot lines. Stephen King may be able to wing it and produce brilliant work, but let's face it, none of us are him. Preparation will make for an easier time down the line. Embrace it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Blog Name

With 2007 still fresh out of the wrapper, I decided to rename the blog. New year, new start. Besides, the old title was about as exciting as watching mold grow. The new title isn't anything great, but it's better than the old.

Copy Edit Time

Received the copyedited manuscript from Kensington yesterday. Have a week to look it over and return it. Also received the cover for Evil Harvest, which I will post in the next few days on the web site. As usual, Kensington did a fantastic job on the cover. Let's hope it attracts lots of book buyers.

Passed the 40,000 word mark on the next book and am pleased with the progress.

Saw A Quiet Place II This Weekend

Jenn and I went for lunch yesterday, then saw A Quiet Place II at the Aurora Theater. The Aurora is a great little theater. One screen, and...