Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Progress on Murderland and The Last Ride

Murderland, my latest horror novella, is currently around the 24,000-word mark. I anticipate this one will clock in around 30,000 words when finished.

I'm debating focusing solely on novellas this year (in the 25-40K word count range). I have a number of story ideas that would fit this format, and one of my goals is to get more titles on the market.

The Last Ride is coming along, as well. I had written a pretty good chunk of it in notebooks and there's a lot to transcribe. That's part of the reason for the delay on it. I purchased a Chromebook last fall, so I likely won't be writing entire novels longhand anymore. I enjoy writing longhand, but transcribing the books onto the computer is tedious. Not that I'm abandoning notebooks and pens. I own enough pens and notebooks to start a small office supply company.  Just won't be putting hundreds of pages in notebooks anymore, only to have to type them up later. By that point, I'm usually ready to set fire to the notebooks just to get started on the next writing project.

Progress Continues on the Books

The Veil is holding at around 40,000 words. I've put it on hold temporarily to finish up Vanished, my horror-western novella. Vanished i...