Sunday, February 26, 2006


I'm convinced that writer's block has more to do with fear than anything else. I remember someone in college telling me they had writer's block and they were waiting for inspiration so they could write. Most likely they were afraid to write. I've got news for you. If you wait for inspiration to strike, you won't get much written. I think we all worry that what we write won't be good enough to impress an editor or an agent or our beloved sainted mothers, or whoever. Or even worse, that we will somehow forget how to write and when we sit down to the page, our minds will turn to pudding.

It's all garbage, of course. Stop worrying about how good your idea is, or who you have to impress. And don't tell people that you can only write on Tuesday during a full moon, and only after you have prayed to the writing gods for inspiration. Write a sentence. Even if it's a bad one. Follow with another. And do you really think you'll forget how to do it? Does a carpenter forget how to swing a hammer? Does a quarterback forget how to throw the bomb? Of course not. Now go write.

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