Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Up Early and Writing

I took the day off from work for the Thanksgiving holiday. Got up at 5:45, and after puttering around on social media, I got about three-and-half pages done on Vanished. It's almost complete. I hit my target word count of 25,000 words for this one. It's probably going to finish up around 30,000 words when finished. 

Started watching The Mandalorian the other night and I'm loving it so far. They got the feel of Star Wars right (if Star Wars has a feel, I guess). A Facebook friend of mine suggested that Star Wars might be better suited to episodic television than movies, and I tend to agree. I'd like to see more shows in the SW Universe. Anyway, looking forward to episode three of The Mandalorian. 

Currently reading King's The Institute. Just checked Blake Crouch's Recursion out of the library. 

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