Sunday, April 07, 2019

Looking Forward to Spring/Summer Movies

Putting the finishing touches on the first draft of Murderland. It's clocking in just over 30,000 words. Writing the end scenes now. From there, I'll give it an edit and pass it on to my proofreader. I should have it available for sale sometime this month.

After that, I'll finish The Last Ride. I'm hoping to do three more titles this year, whether they are novels or novellas.

Saw Shazam the other night with my son and his friends. It was a fun movie and I enjoyed it. Nice to see a superhero movie that can be entertaining without necessarily going down the "dark and gritty" path. It was a welcome change of pace.

Looking forward to Avengers, Godzilla, and Hellboy. I'm also anxious to see IT, Part Two. I thought they did an amazing job of adapting the book with Part One. Hoping the second one is just as good.

Currently Reading: The Complex by Brian Keene.  I also just finished Jeff Strand's Ferocious, which was a blast.

What movies is everyone else looking forward to this year?

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