Friday, March 18, 2011

On Deck For This Year

Thought I'd post an update in regards to my current project, as well as what I'd like to write for the rest of the year.

Currently, my horror/suspense novel, The Hollow, sits at around 45,000 words. I'm shooting to make it around 70-80K and hope to have a draft completed in about two months.

After that, I have a crime novella I've been sitting on. I may leave it at novella length, or see if I can expand it to a full length novel.

Beyond the novella, I have a few other ideas banked for an additional horror novel, possibly involving ghosts and a missing girl.

That's the beauty of Kindle and other e-book platforms. The writer no longer has to wait. Once the work is completed, I've done a few passes, and my business manager (who also happens to be my lovely wife of 16 years) formats it, the work is ready to go.

Look for some sample chapters from the current work in the coming weeks. 

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