Sunday, April 25, 2021

Progress on Season of Crows Continues

Season of Crows is currently around 22,000 words. I spent most of this morning's writing session looping back and tying things together. By that I mean making sure details are consistent in terms of backstory, character names, etc. 

I like to loop back and make small revisions rather than spill the whole first draft on the page and fix everything later. I end up with a fairly clean first draft which usually only needs some smoothing out and fixing of typos, etc.

I'm reading Richard Laymon's One Rainy Night. Hoping to catch Nobody with Bob Odenkirk later. Heard from a few people this was a good one.

My wife and I are heading out later to grab some lunch on the go. It's dreary today, so might be a good day to read and hang out inside. The weather yesterday was beautiful. Jenn and I got in a walk, and I cut the grass for the first time this season. 


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