Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Creating a Writer's Board

I’m trying something new in order to organize the jumbled mess that is my brain. I created a writing board with a corkboard in my office. What’s on the writing board?

Index cards with brief descriptions of my next three scenes. I’ve found this helps keep the story going and I’m never at a loss for what comes next.

Story titles/ideas for my next 5-6 novellas and novels.

Reminders to stay active on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  I tend to drift from social media from time-to-time. Also some cool websites for writers.

A list of potential blog topics.

Some favorite writing quotes. Currently I’ve got Chuck Wendig’s “Inkslinger’s Invocation” up there now.

The writing board is basically there to keep me somewhat organized and to keep ideas visible. What else could go on a writing board?

A detailed outline, whether it's on paper or individual index cards

Lists of details regarding the characters in your current novel

Writing prompts

Pictures of locations/characters in your story

Bits of research that you need to access frequently

Maps of story locales

Fast food menus

The Mayan Calendar

Pretty much anything you like.

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