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Random Concert Post

Found this on YouTube. Jane's Addiction performing "Jane Says" at Artpark in Lewiston, NY.  Me and a buddy caught the show. We were sitting roughly where the video was shot from.

Christmas Stuff

Celebrated a great Christmas, watched the kids enjoy their gifts and got schooled in FIFA 15 by my son (twice). My wife made two excellent Italian dinners. We had one Christmas Eve and one Christmas Day.

I'm itching to spend my Amazon gift card. It's always a tough choice on how to spend it, but I've been putting books on a wish list since mid-November. Should narrow it down tonight and make my purchases. I also got a machete and a survival knife (among other gifts) to take camping. People give you funny looks when you're a horror writer and you ask for these types of things.

The Gray Men has hit the 40,000-word mark. I'm debating turning this into a trilogy. I might have enough material. Not sure yet.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season.

Game of Thrones and Better Fiction Through Torturing Your Characters

I just finished writing a few scenes in the Gray Men where some pretty nasty stuff happens to the characters. This brings to mind a mantra that should resonate in every writer's mind: Torture Your Characters. Make their lives hard. Physically and emotionally. Take them to their breaking points. See what you can take from them. Threaten what is dear to them. It's what makes for compelling fiction.

My wife and I are binge watching Game of Thrones on HBO Go. We're almost done with the third season. There's maybe no one better at torturing (sometimes literally) characters than George R.R. Martin. If you've never seen the series or read the Song of Ice and Fire books, be prepared. No one is safe from death, dismemberment, and losing those they love. Martin certainly never plays it safe with his characters, and neither should the rest of us.

Put them through the wringer. Then put some fight in them and make them claw their way out of trouble. Your story will be better fo…

Read an Excerpt from Where the Dead Go

Here's the first three chapters from my new novel, Where the Dead Go.

You can pick it up for $3.99 on Amazon and Kobo.

Where the Dead Go

Copyright 2014 Anthony Izzo

Mia saw the blood again. She saw it every night in her dreams. The walls had been painted with it. The cops had walked her out, an officer the size of a linebacker shielding her eyes so she didn't see it all, but she'd peeked, as kids were apt to do, taking in the great splash of it across the yellow linoleum floor. There was the blood and the sight of her mother's dead, white hand, two of the nails ripped off in the struggle to save her life. That is what she'd seen this time; Xanax hadn't helped. Nor had Ambien or any of the other shit the doctors had prescribed for her. Sometimes the dreams were about the blood. Sometimes there were gallons of it, sloshing down the hallways of her childhood home, drowning her, the metallic liquid filling her mouth and lungs, Mia awakening, feeling like there was …

Where the Dead Go - Cover Art

The cover design is complete for Where the Dead Go. I'm working on the formatting. The book should be available in all formats later this week.

Mia was a teenager when two men broke into her home and slaughtered her family. The crime made headlines, known as the Gordon Farmhouse murders. Cursed with having visions, she witnessed the massacre through the killer's eyes. Now, fifteen years later, the visions have returned, and the men who killed her family are back and looking for her.

One of them is more than an average killer; he's lived for a century, moving between the physical world and a realm beyond ours. An undead killing machine. As the killers close in on her, Mia will have to save her own life and that of a young girl who shares her unique gift.

Where The Dead Go

I put the final corrections into the manuscript for Where The Dead Go. The cover is done. I'll post it here in the next day or two.

I don't believe in massive rewrites when finishing a draft. The basic story is in place. I edit for grammar, spelling, and typos. Editing is also for keeping story details consistent and cleaning up any rough edges. After my edit, I send it to my proofreader and make any corrections she notes.

This is the second book I've finished this year, and I imagine I'll keep the same pace going into next year. I still get excited when I finish a book and it's ready to go up for sale. It's what keeps me going.