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No Escape Chapter One

Here's Chapter One of No Escape:

                       Chapter 1


Jack Hammond was not a superstitious man, and didn’t buy into portents and bad signs. But he couldn’t shake the quiver of dread that ran through his stomach as he watched the thunderheads from his cabin window. It was a big picture window with a pretty view of the Saint Lawrence River. Beyond it was a deck that wrapped around the cabin. From the relative safety of the cabin, he watched the purple monsters drift through the sky. It was dusk, and they blended with the orange and violet of the sunset, now quickly dimming. He turned and watched Karen, his twelve-year-old daughter, as she lie on the floor- on her belly. Her IPOD pumped Good Charlotte’s latest offering through her earbuds. Her feet moved in time with the music. Amanda, his wife, sat at the kitchen table. Her nose was buried in the latest J.A. Konrath novel. He wanted at that moment to hug them both tightly and not let go. He couldn’t say why, but it se…


A great first line can really get your story moving. Stephen King has said that stories are found things, meant to be unearthed like fossils. 

Here's some random opening lines off the top of my head. Feel free to use them. Maybe it'll get you digging on that story fossil.

"I awoke to a gun in my face and knew it was going to be a bad day."

"As I peered down the hole, it stared back at me with bloodshot eyes."

"This is how it happened."

"She saw the hooded man coming up the walkway and immediately locked the front door."

"He gazed upon his army, ten thousand strong, and prepared for what might be his last battle."

"Getting your ass kicked tends to put life's minor problems in perspective."

"As the van rolled past, she noticed the passenger. He wore a rubber Halloween mask."

"He'd seen his share of nasty homicides, but never anything like this."

"The new neighbor, yeah. That's the …

New Novel - Prologue

As promised, here's the prologue of my latest novel, No Escape. Sample chapters to follow over the next few days.

No Escape
By Anthony Izzo


Captain Ernie Nevitz didn’t like the assignment and wanted to drop his cargo as soon as possible. His wife, Felicia, was due to pop with their third child and he’d been out of contact her while on this ship. Due to the nature of the assignment, the crew hadn’t been allowed contact with family. The Navy had recruited him because he knew how to keep his mouth shut; he did his job and didn’t question the brass. As the ship drifted down the St. Lawrence River, Nevitz thought of having a girl this time. He loved his two boys, but he couldn’t help thinking of the Barbie jeep he’d bought for his unborn daughter. She’d grow into it and he hoped Felicia wouldn’t be too pissed about it. There was a storm coming in. The latest forecast had them hitting it in less than half-an-hour. The steel gray clouds and choppy water told him they were going to ge…

What's New

By all accounts, the Buffalo Bills looked horrible today. Almost as bad as Trent Edward's mutton chops. But I digress.

I'll have a new novel ready for download on Amazon Kindle very soon. I'll be putting up sample chapters on the blog sometime this week. The book's called No Escape and takes place in one frantic night. It's the story of Jack Hammond, an Iraqi war vet looking for a peaceful island vacation with his family. When a mysterious ship with a deadly cargo runs aground on the island, his vacation turns into a nightmare. Jack must figure out a way to survive the unwanted visitors and get his family off the island.

Also, I'm teaching a course this fall on novel writing as part of Adult Continuing Education in East Aurora. I've never taught, but this is something I've wanted to do for a while. Jumping out of the plane and hoping the parachute will open. So far I have one student (that I know of) and she's pretty excited. If nothing else, maybe …