Sunday, September 12, 2010

What's New

By all accounts, the Buffalo Bills looked horrible today. Almost as bad as Trent Edward's mutton chops. But I digress.

I'll have a new novel ready for download on Amazon Kindle very soon. I'll be putting up sample chapters on the blog sometime this week. The book's called No Escape and takes place in one frantic night. It's the story of Jack Hammond, an Iraqi war vet looking for a peaceful island vacation with his family. When a mysterious ship with a deadly cargo runs aground on the island, his vacation turns into a nightmare. Jack must figure out a way to survive the unwanted visitors and get his family off the island.

Also, I'm teaching a course this fall on novel writing as part of Adult Continuing Education in East Aurora. I've never taught, but this is something I've wanted to do for a while. Jumping out of the plane and hoping the parachute will open. So far I have one student (that I know of) and she's pretty excited. If nothing else, maybe someone will bring some really excellent donuts from Tim Horton's. Wish me luck.


Christopher said...

Excellent news on the new book! It sounds great ... will it also be available in print through Amazon's On Demand publishing so I can get a print copy?

Good luck with the class! Hope you get your donuts.

Anthony Izzo said...

Hi Christopher,

Not sure about a print copy, as I'm new to the Amazon thing, but if one is coming out, I'll post it.

Thanks for checking out the blog.


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