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Excerpt from Kingdom of the Dead

Thought I'd share an excerpt from my zombie WIP. It's rough copy, unedited.

Copyright 2016 Anthony Izzo

Frank Harding snapped awake. He had been dreaming of Ashley, of the last time they had made love before things changed. The warm summer breeze had blown through the open window. She had smelled of fresh sweat and vanilla, her breasts soft in his hands as she rode him to climax. After, they had curled up, her head on his chest. He liked to nuzzle her curly chestnut hair. How he missed her. It had been the last summer before the world died. Currently, he was curled up behind the counter of an abandoned drug store, a wool blanket wrapped around him. He had caught a few hours sleep and managed to keep himself out of sight. It had been quiet. He was somewhere in what remained of Chicago. The Windy City. All the wind brought now was the smell of rotting bodies, spoiled food, garbage, and burning metal. He got to his feet. The pharmacy counter stood on a platform. It gave him a good van…

The Day's Writing - June 8, 2016

Skipped the 4:30 writing session this morning. I was up until 11:00 last night so I opted to sleep until five.

Did around 488 words in 15 minutes right after dinner. Just finished another 600 in a second session.

Kingdom of the Dead is coming along at 29,000 or so words.

I'm doing a final read through of Darkness Coming (Gray Men, Book Two) on the Kindle previewer. It should be up for sale this weekend.

Planning on watching Deadpool this weekend with my son. He saw it at a buddy's house and wants to watch it again. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Also think it's cool my teenage son wants to hang and watch a movie with me.