Monday, July 25, 2016

Writing on the Go: What Can You Do With Ten Minutes?

I've been typing in pages from my writing notebook to the computer for the past week or so. Often, I'll start a scene while on break at work in my notebook and type it later that night, finishing it up. Much of my writing is done in short bursts, and as I've said before on this blog, it adds up. So if you only have ten minutes, what writing/publishing activities can you do?

1. Make notes for your next few scenes.

2. Write the first quarter/half of a scene or chapter.

3. Jot down some ideas for your next book/story.

4. Research potential markets for your fiction. Study a successful author whose work is similar to yours (What things are they doing right?).

5. Make some rough notes for a future blog post.

6. Share some content on social media (interesting articles, helpful advice, etc.)

7. Share something on social media channels about your work in progress. Give people a glimpse of your writing process.

8. Read an article on the writing craft.

9. Read/comment on a blog you enjoy.

10. Write a quick review of a book you enjoyed. Give the author a shout out on Twitter, FB, etc.

11. Read a chapter in a book (reading is part of being a writer).

I sometimes catch myself in those spare minutes mindlessly searching FB, Instagram, etc. when I could be writing or doing something to increase visibility and connect with people. These are just a few ideas on how to maximize your time.

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