Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Coming Year

I worked up a sketch last night of a Game of Thrones character. I've gotten away from drawing, but intend to do more of it this year. The Internet and social media can be huge distractions, and I suppose we could all use our time better. I sometimes find myself checking Twitter and Facebook when I could be doing something more constructive. And by writing that last sentence, I realize I sound like my parents.

As for writing, I've passed the 40K mark on The Gray Men book. I can see this been a 3-4 book series  if I decide to go that route. I always like to have a good first line to kick the book off. First line in the Gray Men? "They were coming to kill her."

On the reading front, I'm just about done with Brilliance by Marcus Sakey. I'm liking it a lot and already have the second book in the series. More reading is also on my agenda for this year.

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