Sunday, October 19, 2014

Killer on the Road and Outlining

The latest novel I'm working on, tentatively titled Killer on the Road, is nearly done. Once I finish up my edits over the next two days, it's off to the proofreader. I wrote this book - and the third Dead Land book - with no outline and minimal notes. I've come to enjoy writing this way. I have an idea of where the story is headed and who the characters are, but no outline leaves room for the story to grow. It also leaves room to surprise my self, and that's the best way to surprise the reader. And as my wife would probably tell you, I'm terrible at planning surprises.

One of the dangers in writing with an outline is the tendency to think up a cool scene that has to occur in the book. You can wind up cramming this scene into the book even if it's something implausible or out-of-character for one of your story people. And sometimes outlining can leave a writer feeling like they've already told the story.

I've also settled in on what the next book will be. I've written the first few scenes and once edits are done on Killer, I'll start the other book in earnest.

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