Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Morning Writing

I've always been a daytime writer. Some people can burn the midnight oil and crank words out, but I find I turn into a drooling zombie if I try and write late at night. My eyes get heavy and the next thing I know the laptop is hanging half off my lap and is in serious danger of tumbling to the floor. If this were to happen, my wife would justifiably murder me.

I get up before six most weekends and write, balancing the time between fiction and freelance writing for a client. Right now I'm sitting near our pellet stove hoping to ward off the Arctic chill that's taken over the Buffalo area. Temperatures have been in the single digits for the past week or so. I actually threw some thermals on under my clothes. This was inside the house, mind you.

Work continues on the zombie novella. I hope to have a draft finished this week. I'm liking it. It's full of action and mayhem, which I enjoy. With editing, proofing, and cover design, it should take about two weeks before it's for sale. Then it'll be on to finishing up the Dead Land book (it's almost done, I promise). Beyond that, I'll have to decide which writing project to tackle next.

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