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Why You Should Never Totally Scrap a Novel

A few years ago, I tried my hand at writing a crime/mystery novel. I was trying - then - to break out of horror. I had sold three novels to Kensington and was hoping for something bigger. I sent the novel - called Taken - to my agent.  He hated it, but he made suggestions. I rewrote it and sent it to him again. He still didn't feel it would sell. I had my wife read it. I knew she would give me an honest opinion.

The verdict? She didn't care for it, either. The parts that appealed to her were the horrific sections. The cop stuff I wrote about just wasn't me.  The gruesome parts kept her interest.  "You're a horror writer, honey," she'd said. That I am.  After I sulked for a little bit, I wrote the next book, which turned out to be No Escape. But I wanted the follow-up to No Escape to be both horrific and appeal to thriller fans.

Thus, The Hollow was born. I took a few characters from the now-abandoned Taken. Also grabbed some of the more horrific scenes th…

Name My Publishing Company

I'm looking to attach a new name to my publishing company, and I need your help. It's currently called Steel City Press, but I'm not in love with that name.

Therefore, a contest is in order. The winner will receive a $10 Amazon gift card and an acknowledgement in my next book, The Hollow. Please send entries to my e-mail at:

authorizzo at gmail dot com

I'll choose the winner based on the most creative and fitting entry.  Entries can be horror-related. Or not. Whatever blows your skirt up. I'm open to anything.

The deadline for entries is midnight, September 13.