Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Dark Ones

Coming down the home stretch on the next book. I've got about another week of writing to finish the draft, then it's on to editing and revisions. I'm calling it The Dark Ones right now, but I'm also considering Dark Siege. Kensington will have their own suggestions as well. If time permits, I'll post a snippet.


Jim Oliver said...

Just finished reading the Dark Ones. I loved it. I plan to go out and purchase your other books. I'm hoping you plan to continue the characters from the Dark Ones onto another story. I want to see what happens to Sara next and if Mike survives. Great Book, thanks!

Jim Oliver

KeKe said...

It's so rare for me to finish a book in such a short period of time. I have a really short attention span. Usually if I haven't been drawn into a book by the first 3 chapters I put it down. I was captivated instantly reading "The Dark Ones" and was unable to put it down. I agree with Jim Oliver, you simple must turn this into a series.

Anonymous said...

The Dark Ones is a great book. I can totally see it as a movie. Any chance of this happening?