Friday, January 06, 2006

Good Reads

Just finished reading Red by Jack Ketchum. Highly recommended. Also read Endless Night by Richard Laymon. Both great reads. For aspiring writers, I would also recommend Laymon's A Writer's Tale. It's a great inside look at not only his creative process, but his experiences in the publishing world. There is some insightful info on how he works through a novel, plots, etc. Also a great look at turning an incident into a short story. The book is hard to find. For anyone in the Western New York area, the Buffalo and Erie County Library has a copy of it (signed, no less).

What are some of your good reads lately?


Eric Compton said...

Anthony, I really enjoyed "Cruel Winter". Drop me an email at . I would love to do 10 questions with Anthony Izzo for a new horror site that is launching next week.


Eric said...

Love Richard Laymon. Other good page turning thrillers (in my opinion):


THE RUINS by Scott Smith

THUNDER ROAD by Tamara Thorne

BREEDING GROUND by Sarah Pinborough

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