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Showing posts from April, 2015

Zombie Drawing Goodness

I found this cool zombie drawing video from this guy on You Tube. His channel is called Art of Wei and if you're into drawing, I recommend following him. He has some videos on here with techniques I never thought of using, such as shading your drawing more than using hard lines. No matter what your craft, it's always fun to learn new techniques. It makes you better at the craft, as well.

Thoughts on Promotion vs. Writing Time

Shooting to hit 1,000 words today. I'm around 70 pages into the second book of the Gray Man series. The first book is being proofread. Should be available in the next month or so on most platforms.

I've been thinking a lot about book marketing lately, and aside from a handful of books, most of the book marketing guides aren't much use. Many of the guides I've read offer the same advice (build a platform, find your tribe)  I've always felt a writer's time was better spent writing. I'd like to think the more titles you have available, the better the chance of growing a readership. We need to be visible as writers so people know where to find our books, but social media shouldn't take the place of writing. And if you're just starting out as a writer, you should be reading and writing your ass off.

I'd also like to see more articles and discussion about craft. Seems the Twitterverse is loaded with marketing and promotion advice. Not so much on craft…