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The Hollow Part Two - Free Excerpt

The Hollow - Part Two Copyright 2011 Anthony Izzo
Liz dialed the management office's number, which was on the printout she'd had in her pocket. The phone rang twelve times and then she got an answering machine whose message told her she'd reached The Hollow's management office and it was closed. She turned off her cell. She was standing outside the cabin with Jamie next to her. The other two women approached with Kevin and Matt in tow. Jamie said, “Well?” “Closed.” “You going to call the cops?” “No. We're going home.” “I was getting used to it,” Jamie said. “What about the campfire?” Sonya was the first to reach her. “Get a hold of the manager?” “Office is closed. I think we're going to head out.” Matt said, “Liz, you can't go. We spent hours stacking wood for the campfire.” “Let me guess,” Liz said, suppressing a smile, “a half hour on the wood and two hours with beers in hand.” Kevin said, “Damn Matt, she's on to us.” “I don't like this,” Liz said. Hannah said, …

The Hollow Part One - Free Excerpt

I'll be posting my novel "The Hollow" here in snippets over the coming weeks. Read it for free. If you like what you see, it's available at amazon, barnes and noble, and kobo

The Hollow... Twenty years ago a pair of serial killers terrified the nation. Their crimes made national headlines. Their final target was The Hollow Campground. An entire family was dragged from their cabins and slaughtered. Then the killers vanished. Now they're back. And ready to hunt again. The Hollow has recently re-opened, but people haven't forgotten the carnage that took place there. Liz Mallory is taking a weekend camping trip to the Hollow with her old college friends. Liz doesn't know they're being watched. The Hollow killers have come home, and the weekend plans are about to take a turn for the worse. When the killers descend on the campground, Liz and her friends must wage a desperate battle to survive. The Hollow. How long could you survive?

The Hollow 
Copyright …