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The Dark Ones

Coming down the home stretch on the next book. I've got about another week of writing to finish the draft, then it's on to editing and revisions. I'm calling it The Dark Ones right now, but I'm also considering Dark Siege. Kensington will have their own suggestions as well. If time permits, I'll post a snippet.

Evil Harvest, Chapter One

For your reading pleasure:

Chapter OneMatthew Crowe was stopped at a red light when he heard the woman scream. The scream came from his left, and he glanced out the open driver’s-side window at the Folsom Furniture plant. The main warehouse looked the same as it did in his youth, a pile of rust and bricks that resembled a long-dead industrial relic. He would have thought it abandoned. A spotlight shining on an open door at the front of the building and a tractor trailer with FOLSOM in blue letters parked at a loading door told him they were still in business. He checked the light again; it was still red. He looked back at the open warehouse door. That was bad news. Business owners didn’t make a habit of leaving doors open, especially with thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise sitting behind them. Did something break in, or out? That was the question. The woman cried out again, this time a hoarse groan. No mistaking it, someone in trouble. He checked—no oncoming car…